Nike Women’s Air Vapormax Moc Triple Noir Release Date & Review

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Another new release is on the books for Nike with the Women’s Air VaporMax Moc Triple Noir. This latest release is going to be one of the top sellers in no time thanks to the trademarked “air technology”, and the colors that it will be released in. Though the press statement says that there will be 4 colorways, in essence, it’s really just the two. Triple Noir and Multicolour (only in women’s sizes).

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The idea behind the Women’s Air VaporMax Moc Triple Noir has been around for many years, especially the air technology that’s within the shoe.

What is this shoe?

In simple terms, it’s a running shoe. More specifically, it is a women’s running shoe with the addition of Air Technology. The difference between this and a man’s shoe is based on the idea that women’s feet are generally narrower and on the smaller side, which is how this shoe has been crafted.

Who is it for?

Specifically, this shoe is for women. Though it does also come in men’s sizes, the Women’s Air VaporMax Moc Triple Noir has been crafted especially for women’s feet.

How’s it different from previous models?

In reality, it differs very little. The shoe design and style have been around for so long, it would be like trying to reinvent the wheel! Basically, why fix what isn’t broken? Which is why the overall aesthetics may change, but not the base design itself.


This model is available in Triple Noir and Multicolour.


As always, Nike has crafted a shoe with a massive amount of quality behind it. So the price itself will always pale in comparison to the quality of the shoe.

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  • These shoes have the much desired “air” technology.
  • They were designed with a female runner in mind.
  • Price.
  • They are a little tougher to break in.

In conclusion, the Women’s Air VaporMax Moc Triple Noir, though costly, is one of the best shoes you could possibly put on your feet. Whether you are an athlete or not, these running shoes are one of the best supports an active woman could have.

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