Nike SF AF-1 Mid Dark Grey & Light Bone Release Date & Review

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The Nike SF AF-1 Mid ‘Dark Grey & Light Bone‘ came into being in 1982. It had a significant effect on the basketball shoes and brought in new designs and models. The SF-AF-1 was the first basketball sneaker for Nike air. It has become a popular shoe in the streets, and people do not recognize how innovative it has been.

The SF- AF-1 mid-dark grey tries to depict Air force 1 into a design that looks like the military boots. It has a dual-zip heel and ballistic nylon that supplement its functional aspect. The forefoot, which is made of leather and a medium-height collar make it street authentic.

This shoe is ideal for the urban environment and you can wear it on the streets to show sleek it is and yet very comfortable. It is ideal for both boys and girls, and you can wear it to parties and other social events.

The SF-AF-1 has many similarities to the other Air force models. It has several differences though that makes it unique. The boot has a military-inspired design, which is very technical, eye-catching, and the dark grey color reinforces the military look. It is also street inspired because of its forefront, which is made of leather, and collar, which has a medium height.

The SF-AF-1 mid-dark grey retails for $160 USD, which is quite a fair price. The shoe is high quality and comfortable. The leather that is placed on the midfoot makes it easy to walk with for long distances.

It has various advantages and a few disadvantages. You should be aware of them before you decide to purchase the shoe.

Advantages of SF-AF-1 mid-dark grey

  • They are very comfortable to walk around with
  • Great choice of color
  • Great value for money


  • They are very uncomfortable to wear during summer. They become hot because of the leather.

You should acquire a pair of the Nike SF-AF-1 as having them will make you stand out from the crowd.