Nike Revolution 3 FlyEase Running Shoe Review


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Over the years different companies came to dominate the world markets of sportswear. Nike is no different, releasing and producing new styles of running shoes and offering people more comfort through innovation. Nike Revolution 3 might not be as well-known as other models, but it is still a popular choice. It is a shoe that offers comfort for beginners and professionals alike.

Features & Benefits

Stability and comfort are the most critical aspects of any workout no matter how serious. Practical materials and design.


  • Responsive
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable cushioning



  • Quite narrow
  • One type arch support
  • Fit not wide enough for all users



The materials used allow the shoes to stay in the competitive price range. You can find a pair for 35$, but it depends on the color options you want to choose. They are still more affordable than many competitors and offer better overall comfort and support level.


There are several different color combinations available. Some of the popular choices are the black and white ones. However, other colors include orange and white, metallic silver, deep blue as well as the bold options of Neo turquoise, Volt, and even Canyon.


Modern and appealing to the eye, it looks good on any user while not losing points on practicality in any way. The style is attractive to runners and active people of all generations. The shoes look better in person and photos don’t do the design with its sleek lines justice.


Sizing and Fit:

The materials make the shoes flexible, but NIKE is traditionally narrower than other shoes and might not fit well enough for all users. It is possible to buy a bigger size, but it might create too much room between the toes and the shoe itself.


Nike uses a light material for the upper part of each shoe, creating a synthetic mesh. It allows the foot to stay stable but still be able to breathe.


EVA Midsole Nike uses cushions the feet and allows these shoes to be affordable as well as comfortable and practical.



Users don’t have to worry about protection because the shoe takes care of that. High wear areas have durable material components that will not disintegrate after few times of use.



The top part of the shoe allows the skin to breathe no matter how long you exercise. The mesh will enable shoes to stay light and flexible. The overlays make sure the upper part of the shoe does not disintegrate because of the elements.

The outside of the shoes protects the feet from toes to heel and allows for a good grip on the surface. The company kept the traditional lacing system enabling the weight to stay the same.



If you are a true running professional, this might not be ideal. It is suitable for more of an entry-level runner or a general gym workout. The shoes are comfortable, but if you want to invest more resources, there are better options.

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