REVIEW: Nike Little Posite Pro ‘Hey Penny’ Release Date

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Different. Unique. One of a kind. These are just some of the ways one could describe a soon to be released sneaker from Nike. The Little Posite One Penny For Your Thoughts looks like a cross between a VaporMax and a classic Air Jordan. This alone gives it a slight edge over the average running shoe. Not to mention the design itself is peppered with words revolving around the word “penny”. If you haven’t chance to check out this newest release from Nike’s latest collection, take a minute because it is well worth the gander.

1. History.

The Little Posite One Penny For Your Thoughts may be fresh off the line, but let’s not mistake that for new ingenuity and design concepts. Nike has worked hard over the years to bring the best shoes to you, the customer. And once again, they never fail to disappoint.

2. What is this shoe?

This shoe is a crossover of sorts. It’s a little bit of a Nike runner with “air tech”, and an Air Jordan. The overall concept seems to offer extreme comfort with the style of a younger generation.

3. Who is it for?

Just about anyone and everyone! If this shoe matches your sense of style, then it’s the shoe for you!

4. How’s it different from previous models?

Since it is brand new to the market, it differs greatly! Every release Nike makes has a touch of old school in it, but each and every one is also entirely unique and special. However, the actual makeup of the shoe remains the same, so customers can rest assured they are getting the promised Nike quality.


White with black lettering


It’s something Nike is putting out, this means the quality far exceeds the cost of the product.

  • Unique style and design.
  • Built to last.
  • Crafted with comfort in mind.
  • Price.
  • Hard to come by due to popularity.

Nike knows how to make a shoe, and make it last, and the Little Posite One Penny For Your Thoughts falls into that category. Though the cost may be a little steep for some, the quality makes up for that in every way. Plus, it’s exclusive design means that not everyone on the street will be wearing the same shoe, which is a huge sell factor for some buyers.