Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid What The ‘Vivid Blue’ Release Date

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The Kyrie S1 Hybrid ‘What The’ is one of the latest releases from Nike, and they do not disappoint. Featuring unique coloring and style (as only Nike can do), this latest design is one that will make everyone around you want a pair. With a brilliant blue, accenting a simple white, and neutral brown, these shoes would be the perfect accent to any wardrobe.

  1. History.

Though this shoe may be an infant in the world of footwear, it is certainly going to make waves with its unique design and intricate stitching. And though the shoe itself may be new, it is classic Nike in its design perfection.

  1. What is this shoe?

This particular shoe was created to add another spectacular style to the Nike collection. Just like designers create brand new fashion in clothing, Nike excels in crafting one of a kind footwear, just in time for a new season.

  1. Who is it for?

Anyone who is looking to bring some classic Nike style into their wardrobe, all while sporting their latest and greatest.

  1. How’s it different from previous models?

Though this shoe is made with classic Nike branding and technology, they are entirely unique in color and design.


Since this is a special release, it isn’t available in a variety of colors. However, it does boast a combination of royal blue, brown and white.


When it comes to Nike products, the money will always equal the value of what you are receiving. And this special release is no different.


  • Unique style and design.
  • Built with Nike excellent craftsmanship


  • Price.
  • Style. This won’t be your “goes with everything shoe”.
  • Hard to come by due to popularity.

In the end, the Kyrie S1 Hybrid ‘What The’ will remain a hot item for the coming holiday season. Nike knows how to make a stylish shoe, and they definitely know how to release it. If you can manage to snag a pair of these, you won’t be sorry.