Looking for the perfect running shoes for your everyday run can be a quite tough endeavor. From looking out for the comfort it gives to the traction it provides to the how durable it can be, we understand that finding the best shoes can be challenging. But it really does not have to be. This article is a review of the above named running shoe which combines a lot of qualities to provide you with great running shoes.

The tech

This running shoe comes designed with mesh, rubber soles and Flywire cables which are attached to the lace-up closure to provide you with a perfect fit. You can also choose to adjust these flywire cables to provide you with as much comfort as you need.


This running shoe is a high-performance one that comes with all the features it needs to let you have your run at the pace you want.


The dual density foams it comes with will ensure that you have enough cushioning for your daily runs, workouts, or whatever sporting activity you want to do. And it’s perfect even if you want to walk.

Fit / Comfort

Nike Free RN 2017 iD Men’s Running Shoe is designed to give you that snug fit that provides maximum comfort while you run. With the mesh, it is designed with and its rubber soles, you can be assured of comfort and convenience. Even the Flywire cables it comes with will let you adjust the shoe to the level you want to ensure that you are comfortable.


Nike Free RN 2017 iD Men’s Running Shoe will provide you with perfect balance and a good grip on the ground you are running on. This will relieve you of a lot of the pressure and help you have a less stressful run.


Nike Free RN 2017 iD Men’s Running Shoe also provides arch support and so, will ensure better performance and reduce the risk of getting an injury. This arch support can also help you to absorb shock as well as have more balance. It also gives you enough support from over-pronation with its dual-density foam midsole.


The following are included in the materials with which Nike Free RN 2017 iD Men’s Running Shoe was manufactured;

  • A sturdy BRS 1000 outsole
  •  A two-panel mesh
  • Flywire cables

Price Versus Quality

This shoe is perfect for it. With its perfect features which ensure comfort and convenience and great traction, it is worth the $70 dollars you will spend on it.


  • The shoes are comfortable
  • They are adjustable
  • They provide a perfect fit
  • It provides good arch support
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to wash and dries quickly


  • The treading is not the most flattering feature of this shoe and may even pick up stones.

Final Verdict

In all, Nike Free RN 2017 iD Men’s Running Shoe is great for whatever sporting activity you want to do. Whether you are going to the gym or running or walking or even playing badminton, you can be sure that Nike Free RN 2017 iD Men’s Running Shoe will provide you with just that excellent service you need.

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