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Nike Free RN Commuter 2017 Women’s Running Shoe Review


A Comprehensive Review of the Nike Free RN Commuter 2017 Women’s Running Shoe

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Are you a day to day female short runner? Are you a female student who walk from home to college? Do you ever short run between work or errands? If yes, then the Nike free RN commuter 2017 women’s running shoe is what you need. The shoes are generally designed for short runs to and from work. Additionally, they come with many features that are pleasing and acceptable to every user. On that note, let’s look at some significant elements in as much as Nike Free Commuter 2017 women’s running shoe are concerned.


  • Minimal sock liner that excellently conforms to the foot’s shape and hence enabling custom cushioning.
  • Thick and adjustable strap that nicely wraps the midfoot and heel for a snug, it ensures fit that is very supportive and important moves with you
  • Deconstructed upper is lightweight, breathable, and easy to pack in a backpack or bag
  • Its midsole expands in every direction depending on the impact, allows natural flexibility and crucially absorbs impact.
  • Has a tuned fit system that is well-designed in such a way that it takes care of all your needs, starting from your morning commute to evening runs.
  • The design of its auxetic outsole follows the natural foot movement, contracts at toe-off and importantly expands at impact allowing full range motion in all your strides.


The shoe has a very high performance when it comes to its use. Its injected-unit foam and low-profile midsole offers you a responsive cushioning under the foot and importantly making sure you get a resilient performance. Additionally, the midsole double as the outsole and crucially minimizes the entire weight of the shoe the purposes of lightweight performance. The Nike free RN commuter 2017 women’s running shoe is a perfect option for your daily run and keeps your feet swift with snug support and breathable comfort.


Regarding its comfort, its sock-like and stretchy knit material hugs for the foot with total comfort allowing you to quickly slip into the shoe at your own pleasure. Moreover, its injected-unit foam and low-profile midsole offer you comfortable cushioning and crucially double has an outsole reducing the weight of your shoe.


The shoe has an excellent traction, its auxetic Tri-Star traction pattern promotes an original foot flex for a balanced grip and a stable food has run and cover your kilometers. Furthermore, the shoes have heel rolls that are anatomical with a perfect ground promoting a more natural stride.


The shoe has Flywire locks that are integrated into the lacing to provide a dynamic, excellent, and supportive fit with an awesome lockdown in the middle foot. Additionally, it has an elastic strap that wraps your ankle for additional support.


The material used to make the shoe is very durable and offers sufficient comfort. The sole is made of rubber that is very good for running and exercises in a gym. The upper Flyknit wraps the foot nicely providing both flexibility and support where required. The major colorways for the shoe are rand, vamp, and foxing.


The shoe is indeed of high quality. It’s durable and has a very high performance. Its price is approximately $110. Given its performance, it’s worth the price or even more.

  • Perfect lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Great packaging
  • Highly supportive with a good feeling when wearing them
  • If not used well can wear out badly
  • If you can’t buy the right size they can be disappointing,

In conclusion, the Nike free RN commuter 2017 women’s running shoe is an ideal option for a short run with its great feature. Many people who have used the Shoes have preferred it to other options hence an excellent type of shoe.

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