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Nike Free RN Commuter 2017 Premium Men’s Running Shoe Review


The Nike Free RN Commuter 2017 Premium Men’s Running Shoe is a perfect pair of shoe for those who need a shoe for working out or running their usual errands. The shoes have excellent features like the light material design and a comfortable midsole that allows your feet to move freely. Apart from offering comfort, Nike free commuter shoe has an excellent and beautiful color that matches perfectly with a variety of clothes making it a versatile shoe that everyone should own. Although the boots are branded as men’s shoes, I would recommend it for women as well since the material and crafting makes it a unisex shoe.

Nike Free RN Commuter 2017 Premium Men’s Running Shoe Colorways:

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Nike Free RN Commuter 2017 Premium Men’s Running Shoe Unique features:


One of the reasons that make Nike RN commuter shoe ideal for running is the crafting of the sole. The soles are made with a rubber sole that allows your feet to move well without resisting. So, if your feet bend the shoe does the same hence making your running to be relaxed and comfortable.

Fit and comfort:

You don’t have to keep on cutting your race to tighten the shoe as this is taken care of by the presence of the elastic laces that allows you to pull and clinch them for securing the shoes. The adjustable shoe laces provide you with comfort while running.


The sole of the shoe consists of foam rubber material that makes bending to be easy and possible, and the soft rubber sole provides comfort to your sole and the toes as well.


The ability of the shoe’s sole to bend and mimic the movement of your feet acts a safe and protective action against developing feet and ankle injuries since there is no resistance felt in your feet movements.


The shoe has a softly rounded heel that supports the heel of your feet when you hit the ground, and the presence of the adjustable laces provides support to your feet midsection area hence making your running experience to be smooth.


The Nike Free RN Commuter 2017 Premium Men’s Running Shoe is made with all comfortable and reliable material that makes you feel like you are walking barefoot. The sole is made of rubber foam material while the upper part consists of breathable mesh-like material that allows your feet to breathe freely hence preventing sweating.

Price versus quality:

As the saying goes, that price does not necessarily determine the quality when it comes to Nike RN commuter shoe the case is the same. The shoe is not as expensive as compared to other running shoes, but it has excellent features that will leave your feet happy.

  • The shoes are quite comfortable due to the lightweight.
  • The shoes can be worn for other activities such as going to the mall or when going for a walk.
  • The shoes are foldable making it easy to slip carry in your gym bag.
  • The shoe is flexible as well.
  • To get a proper fitting, one must buy a half size bigger than the usual shoe size.

This is an excellent shoe for all round activities because you can wear them when running short races, going to the gym or even when running your day to day errands.

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