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Nike Free RN Commuter 2017 Men’s Running Shoe Review



Latest: Nike free RN commuter 2017 men’s running shoes


Nike has recently released a new addition to its Free RN line, the Nike free RN commuter 2017 men’s running shoes. The newest addition is called the Free RN Commuter and sports some new feature. I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth the price. Let’s get started!

The Tech:

The Nike Free RN Commuter 2017 (Men) is the latest addition to Nike’s Free RN series. The shoe is lightweight and utilizes Nike’s Free sole to help users run naturally. The body is extremely flexible to allow for foot movement and makes the shoe an easy fit on the foot. This thin, knitted material makes it easy for your feet to breathe, preventing foot overheating.

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The shoe is extremely lightweight and allows for natural running. Nike’s Free sole technology is a great help in allowing the foot to run naturally, thus making running easier on the body. The shoe is durable and can be folded, however, it has been reported that the shoe’s thin construction can lead it to quickly wear out.


The shoe is designed to easily fit feet of all shapes. The ties are easily adjustable and the whole shoe can be easily folded down for easy carrying. The fabric of the shoe is very accommodating to all foot shapes and the sole is lightweight and comfortable. The minimal weight of the materials used in the shoe allows you to carry and wear them with ease.


The sole is designed to cushion the foot to make running easier and more natural. The sole is made of Nike’s standard foam to help cushion the feet while simultaneously reducing weight.


The traction is nothing impressive. It is the standard traction found on Nike’s running shoes; it is designed for running on streets and relatively flat ground. The traction present is adequate to prevent you from slipping across stone floors, but it is not the ideal shoe to wear when going off the trail.


The shoe is designed to make running as natural as possible, so the shoe has minimal support and the sole adapts to move with your foot rather than force it to move in a specific way.


The construct is the same as most of the other Nike Running shoes, and it utilizes Nike’s Free sole technology. The sole is constructed from Nike’s lightweight and flexible Eva foam, and the upper body is made from a thin layer of knitted fabrics, reducing weight, and maximizing movement.


There are 9 different colors offered for the Free RN Commuter 2017. Some colors such as “coastal blue” are substantially cheaper than others, some selling for as low as $75 on Nike’s website.

Price vs Quality:

The list price is currently $110 on Nike’s website. It is $10 more expensive than the Nike Free Rn 2017 but has much better reviews. It, like most of Nike’s shoes, is a high-quality product that will likely deliver in terms of performance. The price is not high in comparison to many other shoes in its class.


  • Comfortable
  • Very lightweight
  • Adjusts easily to different foot shapes
  • Lots of color options


  • Users have complained that the shoe quickly wore out
  • Thin construction means it is not as durable as other shoe options

Final Verdict:

The Free RN Commuter is worth the price and appears to be better than the Free RN for just $10 more. Even better, some colors sell for as low as $75 making this shoe a bargain. The shoe is lightweight, comfortable, and foldable making them great shoes to wear or carry around.

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