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Nike Free RN 2017 Women’s Running Shoe Review



Are in search of a minimalist shoe that allows you to experience a barefoot sensation when running on solid and stiff surfaces? Your search ends here. The Nike Free RN 2017 Women’s Running shoe is an easy-going footwear that feels natural on the feet and is a joy to wear.

Sporting an innovative flex sole, Nike FREE RN has been specifically designed to mimic the biomechanics of a barefoot experience and allows your foot to expand naturally. What’s more, it has been fitted with a myriad of desirable features that will make your running experience memorable.

In the article below, we look at some of the features that have catapulted The Nike Free RN 2017 Women’s Running shoe at the epitome of the sports/running footwear industry.




Here, we see Nike Women’s Shoe and all associated Nike Free versions as an important part of the evolution of the discreet and shoeless designs from the past shoe versions where the goal was to provide a projection for running on different surfaces while allowing a barefoot feeling. [See Best Barefoot Shoes]

This meant that the minimalist shoes of the past had reduced cushioning and extremely thin underside designs to mimic barefoot and reduce stiffness, therefore allowing a better compliance between sole and foot flexing. While the flexibility was great, it came at the expense of minimal cushioning and was uncomfortable on hard surfaces.

And this is where Nike Free RN 2017 Women’s Running shoe comes into play; it combines natural shoeless sensation with cushioning. The highly flexible sole, lightweight design plus cushioning means that Nike RN for women is pragmatic as it looks, can be used on any surface and can be used for any activity.



Just like any other Nike Free version, Nike RN for women is extremely lightweight (6.75 ounces), and soft. For breathability purposes, it sports a more open knit stitch on top of the foot that allows unrestricted movement of air, thus ensuring your foot always stays cool.

Even though Nike RN for women is a tad thinner and closer to your feet than other versions, it snugly fits in your foot and offers a secure and substantial sensation of wear anytime.



Users of Nike RN for women are afforded to cushion that is second to none. For a start, it has a responsive cushioning and a lightweight sole unit that impacts uniform distribution. Secondly, the underfoot is made of foam, which is not only flexible but also has shock absorbing properties.

Nike’s inspires the flexibility of the shoe proprietary auxetic design-engineered cutting patterns which run along the sole in triangular patterns.



The shoe is not an ideal choice for climbing steep trails or slippery grounds due to the softness of the sole and lack of stiff threads-the soft sole is not designed to stomach excessive abuse on rough trails. However, on moderately flat grounds including grass pitches, bare ground, concrete, and asphalt, it will surpass your expectations with its exhilarating traction.



Armed with durable, pragmatic yet lightweight Flywire cables that work together with the laces, the cables offer support and an adaptive fit that is tuned to your preference. The set of cables are conspicuously missing from the top lace to allow a smoother, less distracting experience when you bend your feet.



The Nike Free RN is available in multiple color schemes that allow users to have more choices when it comes to color choices. Nike RN colorways include Glacier Blue/Pure Platinum/Polarized Blue/Metallic Silver.



For the $100 price tag, we think that the Nike Free RN 2017 Women’s Running shoe will offer more than you asked for. Also, compared to other shoes within the price range, the shoe clearly stands out from the rest and offers more value for your cash.


  • -Comfortable
  • -Lightweight
  • -Flexible
  • -Responsive cushioning
  • -Durable
  • -Stylish
  • -Budget-friendly



  • -Not ideal for rough terrain



Light, flexible and comfortable; those are the words that ring in my head when I hear Nike Free RN 2017 Women’s Running Shoe. The fun shoe can be used for a quick jog, and occasionally matched with your favorite chinos for wear in the city for a warm summer day.

For us, an improvement in the grip would be one of the areas that Nike needs to consider in future.

Have you had an experience with the Nike Free RN 2017 Women’s Running Shoe? Share your fun moments and experiences in our section below.


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