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Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Women Running Shoe


Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Women Running Shoe Critiqued

I’ll talk about the Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Women Running Shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth the price. Let’s start the overall shoes itself. You get great quality, light feel, support and snug fit, and a whole world of decoration and design when it comes to this shoe! These shoes are fun and fancy but at the same time durable and very high quality. A great running shoe along with a great everyday shoe!

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Nike give you an option to allow you to run in style by allowing you to create and customize your shoe to look exactly the way you want! Few people can say they have a pair of shoes that they personally designed. You can pick all the colors! From the foot and heal to the colors of lining and laces. Even the color of the insole is your decision. There are fun, fancy emoji and words of positive encouragement that you can pick from to make your shoe look more to fit your personality. Check out the option of adding text to the side of the shoe! Make you Nike swoosh solid black or spice it up a little bit and speckle it with some color! You make it how you want it! Your shoe will be exactly what you want.



The Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Women Running Shoe is a great running shoe! Allows for great comfort and support while you’re running or enjoying your day.



Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Women Running Shoe is a very slim and sleek shoe. Fits your foot so it’s not big and bulky. This shoe is flexible and bendable making it great for running or any job on the go. Wear them to work out in the gym and workout in style!



The inside of this shoe is very soft and cushioned well especially the heel area. The lining of the inside is curved to help form the fit of your foot better which makes for a more sleek and small shoe.



The bottom of this shoe has a lot of grooves and lines along with extra traction cushions on the heel and toe area. The design of the rubber on the bottom of this shoe makes for great grip to the surface of which you are running or walking on. The back heel is rounded to be more adaptable to your running and walking.



You will get minimal support with this shoe. It is great for indoor and outdoor wear. The rounded heal not only helps to make your walking and running feel more real but it also helps with the support for your foot in the shoe. The extra cushioning in the heel also helps to give more support. The tight-fitting helps to keeps your foot supported a lot more. Great flywire helps provides some durable arch support for the middle of your foot.



This shoe has knitted material so that it allows for great airflow to help keep your feet aired out and dry while you’re running. This material with help reduces the amount of odor retained in the shoe as well. This is a very lightweight shoe. The flywire help with being so light and form fitting.


Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Women Running Shoe has a huge variety of colors to choose from. While you are customizing your shoe, you will be given the option to make every bit of it as colorful as you would like. You can make it all different tones of one color, go straight into the darkness with the blacks and greys or you may even want it to be as bright as the rainbow. You are sure to find a color scheme that speaks to you! Maybe you are not one for color but more of a prints person. There is an option for that as well! If you are thinking more along the lines of safety while you’re running you may even pick the reflective option!



Why buy a pair of shoes that you like the moment for a cheap price and end up with them falling apart rather quickly. Don’t buy cheap and keep having to repeat it month after month because your shoes are not holding up and are not durable the way they should be for all your walking, running and everyday use. You need to buy a good quality shoe. The Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Women Running Shoe has the quality and a higher price, but you will have a great sure. You will have a durable shoe. You will have a shoe you can count on. You will have a shoe that will last. If you use the customize option, you will have a shoe that speaks of who you are! You can tell a lot about a person buy their shoe!

  • Customization of your fashion
  • Light to the fit
  • Shorter tongue helps with airflow
  • Rounded heal makes walking and running smoother
  • Light and thin material helps keep foot cool (helps with odor)
  • Design on bottom sole provides better grip on the surface
  • Flexibility makes shoes more bendable for walking and running
  • Flywire help with arch support


  • Being so airy may cause it to not be warm enough on really cold days.
  • Price is a little high
  • Sizes run smaller than compared to normal



If you are an avid runner or exercise a lot but not hard every single day, I would say this shoe is for you. The fact that it is so light and flexible is great. No one wants to go running with any shoe that feels like their carrying weights on their feet. The flexibility aspect also helps in packing in a suitcase as well. Cram clothes on top of them or bend them or wedge them into a tight squeeze. The grip on the bottom makes traction well. The customizing option makes them FUN!

The price could come down a lot. Shoes, especially shoes that are small and compact, should not cost more than the big bulky ones. Less amount of shoe should mean less money.

Overall, if you are really dedicated, sick buying shoes so often because they don’t last, and can afford going out on a limb like this…I say GO FOR IT! This is a great shoe to make that jump with!

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