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Nike Free RN 2017 Limited Edition Women’s Running Shoe


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Nike Free RN 2017 Limited Edition Women’s Running Shoe Critiqued


  • It is comfortable.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is durable.


  • Only ideal for short races.
  • It is a bit expensive.

When it comes to running, it is vital that you choose the Racing shoe that will provide stability, flexibility and keep your feet protected from injuries. One of the best shoe to offer all these great traits is none other than Nike free RN 2017 limited edition women’s running shoe It is made of a sturdy yet lightweight material that enables you to run without getting tired. The sole consists of rubber which expand naturally when you land on the ground to and the arc of the shoe covers the feet accurately to keep your feet safe and protected. Another benefit of having a pair of these fabulous sneakers is the fact that you can match it with just any outfit since it is multipurpose and cozy as well.


Unique traits of the Nike Free RN 2017 Limited Edition Women’s Running Shoe



The sneaker is designed with a rubber sole which expands naturally to keep your feet protected when you hit the ground and to ensure you have enough breathing space. This is an improved version of the previous one, and some of the changes that have been added are the thickness of the material. It is thinner such that you feel like you are almost barefoot, but they still provide safety to your feet.



You can run many laps as you wish without your feet getting tired since they consist of rubber material for comfort. The rubber sole expands and flexes as you move to ensure your feet are not strained.



The outer sole of the shoe is designed with foam and has extra padding to ensure that your feet are warm and secure as you move. The sole is made of soft rubber material all round to keep your toes and the upper part of the healthy.



You don’t have to keep on cutting short your races because the laces provide a secure grip that gives you the opportunity to focus on your race.



The cables on the top part of the shoe have been removed to provide smoother and less distracting feel when you fold your feet. The heel of the shoe is designed in a rounded form to protect your foot heel.



The upper part of the shoe consists of mesh-like material that allows breathability to keep your feet dry. The sole of the sneaker has rubber material that is light in weight and expands naturally to keep your feet loose and comfortable.



A lot of customers have praised the shoe due to its excellent traits that have made their racing experience to be smooth and safe. So, the shoe is worth every dollar you spend buying it.



If you are searching for a convenient and excellent shoe for short races, Nike Free RN 2017 Limited Edition Women’s Running Shoe is the right choice for you. They are multipurpose hence can be paired with other outfit and are made with skin-friendly materials to provide comfort to your feet.

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