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Nike Free RN 2017 iD Women’s Running Shoe Review


Are you a woman who cherishes fitness? Would you wish to enhance your running sessions? If you said yes, then the Nike Free RN 2017 iD Women’s Running Shoes are all you need. That’s because the pair is packed with all the top-notch features that are necessary for a successful running session. This review aims at letting you know more about its finer features and technical specifications.


Nike Free RN 2017 iD Women’s Running Shoe Review


The lightweight design and flexible materials enable you to lift your feet off the ground with ease. You also stand to derive the benefit of greatly reduced drag.




Comprising Dynamic Fit Technology, the shoes conform to the shape of your feet perfectly well. This spares you from unnecessary discomforts that may result from blisters, sagging, and bruises.




In the shoes’ interior is comfortable padding that completely ‘hugs’ your feet. This padding is breathable, soft, and warm. It reduces shocks and vibrations besides granting you all the comfort you need throughout your running.




Both the toe and the heel sections of the shoes are reinforced with targeted rubber. This material increases the shoes’ traction for maximum grip on the road. You won’t or slip off unnecessarily.




Your foot’s arch is provided with additional support courtesy of the Flywire Technology. This technology basically lets you integrate the laces of your shoes with strong but lightweight cables.




overall, all the materials that are used to construct the shoes are light in weight and breathable. They enable your feet to shed off all the unwanted sweat. They also let your feet stretch out unhindered especially in hot seasons.




The shoes are available in a variety of colors. You, therefore, have a vast array of colors to choose from. These are pink, light blue, red, black, white, orange, and indeed, more besides! Pick one that suits your unique liking or special occasion to avoid feeling out of place.




This is the shoe of the future. Its shape, colors, material composition, and features are made of ‘tomorrow’s technology’. This being the case, be sure to rely on it for longer without it ever becoming obsolete.


More Details


  • Overall Dimensions: Measures 14 inches long by 9 inches wide by 5 inches deep
  • Minimal tongue design
  • Rounded heels
  • Comfortable insole
  • Targeted rubber
  • Flyknit
  • Seamless upper
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Large platform
  • Single seam inside
  • Foot hugging fit
  • Naturally flexible
  • Revolutionary outsole
  • Easily packable construction




  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Classy and prestigious to possess
  • Confers great aesthetics on the wardrobe
  • Reliable, in the long run, owing to durable constituent parts




  • Quite pricey and out of the reach of many a deserving person
  • Unsuitable for use in rough terrains



The Nike Free RN 2017 iD Women’s Running Shoe may have their fair share of downsides, granted. However, all factors considered, they are indeed your most trusted companion. They have all the crucial traits and features that are necessary to guarantee you a smooth-running session. You just cannot afford to overlook them at all, if you are indeed a woman of substance!

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