Nike Free RN 2017 Essential iD Women’s Running Shoe Review

I’ll be talking about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth the price. Let’s start with the tech!


The thing that caught my eye about these shoes was the ‘Adaptive Fit’. The ‘Flywire Technology’ they talk about is something that really stood out to me. I’m on my feet a lot, and this technology claims to help with arch support. After a day of running around, doing errands, and going to my retail job, I found that these were perfect. Usually, my feet kill me at the end of a long day. These shoes amazed me, I felt like I could do the whole day over again and my feet would be just fine!



These shoes aren’t only really comfortable, they are also super lightweight! I’ve had shoes that really just bring me down, shoes that feel clunky and heavy, but these were so light that I could wear them around the house. They didn’t bend and crease in awkward places like some of the shoes I’ve had, especially around the toe box. The shoes themselves are very flexible!



I know I’ve already talked about the comfort, but I just can’t get over it. The arch support is amazing, but the shoes are also very breathable. My feet didn’t get super hot or sweaty throughout the day, which really adds to my overall comfort when I’m on my feet a lot!



There’s a foam cushioning that really helped cradle my ankles, which is something I desperately need in more of my shoes!



The soles of the shoes are the only thing that has me concerned, they’re foam based so I feel they won’t be the most durable. They do have a touch of rubber near the toe and heel, which does help with traction quite a bit. The foam does help the shoe be as light as possible, but I’m worried that the shoes will wear with time.



The shoes really mold to the shape of your foot, the foam helps cradle your foot, and there’s plenty of arch support! The shoes really do feel great on the feet, so no complaints in this area!



The materials the shoes are made of are super lightweight and breathable. There’s a knit material that enwraps the shoe, which really helps with flexibility. It’s almost like it’s made of tiny, stretchy, cozy ropes!

Nike Free RN 2017 Essential iD Women’s Running Shoe has some incredible color variations. You can change the color of every single part of the shoe. The color options are plentiful, you can choose from almost all the colors of the rainbow! Because of this, it’s really easy to customize the shoes to your liking.


The price is pretty steep, but the shoes are amazing and seem to be entirely worth it! I’m absolutely in love with the shoes, I’m sure I couldn’t have found a pair that I love more.


  • Super comfortable!
  • Ridiculously flexible!
  • The arch support is incredible!
  • The shoe is super lightweight!



  • The foam soles worry me a bit, hopefully, they won’t wear out too quickly!
  • I wish there were a few neon or brighter colors for the overall shoe itself.



The shoes are really comfortable, definitely worth the money in my opinion! I love being able to customize every part of the shoe. These shoes have great arch support, are very breathable, and are super lightweight! I’m really happy with the shoe and would definitely buy them again!

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