Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Stash Release Date & Review

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Our First Impression of the Air Zoom Spiridon Stash

Let’s face it, plenty of bad things emerged from the 80’s and 90’s, large over-the-top hairstyles, smoking on airplanes, boy bands, and Furbies, just to name a few. But a lot of good and amazing things emerged from these decades as well. The emergence of hip-hop culture (and all that surrounded it) was one of those amazing things that dug deep roots into the mainstream psyche and never let go. Graffiti artists back then didn’t get much credit for their incredible talent and hard work. That soon changed, however, as their artwork gained cult-like status, enamoring fans from across the globe.

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One such artist has gained legendary status. His name is Stash, and though he shies away from the term legend, his artwork has no doubt left a deafening mark on his fans. So much so, that in 2003 Stash partnered with Nike to create a line of sneakers that would change the shoe design game forever.

Since that partnership began 14 years ago Stash has worked with Nike for several iconic shoe staples. The latest design is the Air Zoom Spiridon Stash released in November of this year. Using Stash’s “signature blue hue,” the Spiridon is a perfect combination of athleticism and art.

What is the Spiridon?

As mentioned before the Spiridon is the latest collaboration between Stash and Nike. The sneaker incorporates Nike’s traditional breathable mesh and patented Swoosh symbol with vibrant yet soothing blue hues. Stash graffiti details are located in subtle spots on the shoe such as the toe box, heel tab, and sock liner.

Who wants the Spiridon?

Sneaker-heads for starters, fans of Stash’s artwork, fans of Nike’s athletic wear and everyone in between. The collaboration of Nike with Stash has culminated in some of the most coveted sneakers in history. The combination of artwork with comfortable and stylish athletic wear has been beneficial for the pair (no pun intended).

How’s it different from previous models?

The Zoom Spiridon, colorways include a navy blue/sky blue/white. The design encapsulates a lighter, flirtier shoe that is both inviting and soothing. The blue hues are eye-catching and vibrant, without being too bold and in-your-face.


  • The structure of the shoe while clunky, appears to be solid and comfortable
  • Colors are vibrant and unique
  • Overall a very stylish shoe sure to turn heads while providing comfort to athletes


  • At a whopping $175, these shoes while not the most expensive, still carry a hefty price tag
  • Too much classic Nike design, not enough Stash
  • Cute and conventional, not as bold as other designs

The Verdict:

While the design isn’t the most innovative, Air Zoom Spiridon Stash is still a very stylish looking sneaker. The colorways are phenomenal and eye-catching; especially the blue hue used on Nike’s swooshing symbol. However, for a price of $175 for a designer shoe one expected to see more of Stash’s artistry throughout the shoe rather than relegated to small pockets of the shoe. Overall solid purchase for athletic wear, but lacks innovative artistic-design.

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