Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe Review

Introducing the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe

Deciding to become more active is beneficial for the body and the soul. However, finding the right gear for that can sometimes be harder than expected. Finding proper footwear for workouts is essential to avoid injuries. Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit is only one of the options and here are a couple of things you should know about this model of running shoes.

Features & Benefits

Nike is a well-established brand which does not cut corners where safety and stability come into the picture.


  • Lightweight
  • Practical for a different amount of exercise
  • Stable
  • Good cushioning for the foot


  • Narrow fit
  • Not enough support for some users


Air VaporMax Flyknit is a more expensive model of shoe and might not be fit for every budget. You can find a pair for about 190$ to 200$, and if this price does not scare you, there are options to order online as well as to buy in stores near you.


There are several different color combinations available. However, most color tones are neutral. If you want a bolder color, there is an orange option and a purple choice option.


The design is dominated by the sole since it immediately attracts the eye to the shoes. It is easier to appreciate in brighter color choices, but this style choice makes the shoes look more exciting and modern.

Sizing and Fit:

The materials allow these shoes to offer reasonable flexibility, but many users report that they are a smaller fit than other shoes. People suggest looking into a size bigger if it still offers enough stability for working out.


Although there are synthetic materials in the shoe, feet can still breathe freely as necessary to make working out more pleasant. It also helps avoid health problems after working out.


EVA Midsole works well in this model as well as other Nike models. Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit is light, and the material allows the shoe to stretch for a better cushioning possibility. Since the shoes are lightweight, they are well suited for daily use.


The materials are durable even in the areas that have the most contact with the surface of any kind. These shoes will last you a long time no matter how much you use them.


The top part of the shoe allows made from a mesh that allows the shoes to stay light. The laces can be customized, but the lacing is still the same, keeping the safety up. It also allows the shoes to remain light because heavier shoes might not be as pleasant to wear.



Nike continues to improve with different models and create shoes for different amounts of activity. The feeling underfoot is peasant and flexible, putting a spring in user’s step while running or exercising in the gym. Simple color combinations still allow the design look appealing to different people. Although they are a narrower fit, they will allow your feet to feel good even after a long workout.

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