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Air Jordan Trainer 2 Flyknit Men’s Training Shoe Review


Air Jordan Trainer 2 Flyknit Men’s Training Shoe; why are they the Ideal Training Shoe for Athletes


Not many people are aware of the importance of finding the right training shoes, including those who exercise frequently. Doing sports is good for your body, it keeps you healthy, and it helps you to maintain your agility and muscle strength. However, without the right shoes, you won’t be able to perform well, and you will get all sorts of foot problems and injuries such as heel pain.  The Air Jordan Trainer 2 Flyknit men’s training shoe utilizes a unique flex groove outsole unit for flexibility and offers your foot with a perfect look. With supportive, sock-like fabric and a strap that wraps your foot for stability, the Air Jordan Trainer 2 Flyknit Men’s Training Shoe offers a total comfortability to gets users through the fastest and most intense training sessions.


These Jordan trainers upper incorporate a more durable and classy new Flyknit pattern. The design also features a Nike Zoom Air for responsive cushioning and a midfoot strap for a more lockdown fit. Other feature includes a cement print situated on the strap and a translucent outsole.

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The Jordan Flyknit Trainer 2 features an oval unit that is top-loaded which offers immediate feedback and response underfoot. The Phylon is soft for stability. On top of the Phylon has an embellished Strobel boards and an open cell Ortholite insole that adds up to the comfortability and responsive cushioning for various activities.


The Jordan running shoe is extremely comfortable and lightweight. The Flyknit upper tightly grips the foot with the feeling of the sneakers as the body extension thereby providing a total comfort.


During side to side movement, the strap embedded in the sneakers helps stabilize users foot.

The lacing system

The laces and straps tug the entire shoe onto the foot and tie it up like a thick sock. The heel is also thinly but densely padded; that keeps a sleek speed look. It also makes use of Flyknit but woven tighter for a perfect heel fit and support. The TPU strap over the midfoot works for lateral stability.

Price vs. Quality

The $150 is kind of an average price for a daily trainer, even though you might still get more mileage with the same amount of other shoes that use more rubber and material.


  • Ultra-comfy
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Stylish and unique
  • Flexible


  • The sole is too stiff but does provide excellent traction in all conditions
  • Phylon is not super-soft it needs to be a little harder for underweight stability bars but breaks in nicely after about three wears

The Jordan Trainer 2 Flyknit pays tribute to the brand’s heritage while providing today’s athlete with the best training shoe leading up to game day.

The Jordan trainer 2 Flyknit comprises of an all-new Flyknit pattern that is supportive and extremely durable for various activities. Interestingly, this is the first time the brand will be making use of Flyknit on a training model; combining the true Jordan Brand style with one of Nike’s most innovative technologies.


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