Air Jordan 6 ‘Like Mike’ Release Date & Review

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There is just something special about the holiday season. And this year, its especially exciting if you are an avid Air Jordan fan. The Air Jordan VI Like Mike release is one that many have been anticipating, and they will not be disappointed. Not only because Nike never fails to bring something incredible to the table, but also because this has one particular standout. Tiny Gatorade bottles accenting the top of the laces create a wonderfully quirky and unique basketball shoe for all of the Air Jordan lovers out there.  Click: For more New Jordan release dates


These Air Jordan VI Like Mike’s are part of the newest collection release from Nike. Since Air Jordan’s have been around for 30 plus years, Nike has had plenty of time to perfect the release of a new design and improve upon the air tech inside of every single sole.

What is this shoe?

After their creation over 30 years ago, Air Jordan’s became the shoe to have. Especially amongst the more athletically inclined groups of teens and adults. And this latest design is no different. Combine the newness with the unique addition of tiny Gatorade bottles on the laces, and you have a wonderfully different piece of footwear that has been crafted the only way the designers for Nike can create.

Who is it for?

Anyone who loves a classic Air Jordan, but wants it with a bit of a twist! Nothing like a unique design to make someone want to add these to their holiday wish list!

How’s it different from previous models?

The overall craftsmanship remains the same, but this design is one of the most exclusive to date.

COLORWAY: The shoe is a combination of black, red, white, orange, and green.

PRICE VS. QUALITY: The quality of any shoe from Nike will ALWAYS surpass the overall cost.


  • Classic Air Jordan Design.
  • The new release means it will be unique.
  • Improved air technology.
  • Small design details will make this shoe entirely one-of-a-kind.


  • Price.
  • Currently only comes in one color scheme.
  • May sell out quickly.

The Air Jordan VI Like Mike’s is predicted to be one of the best hits of the season thanks to its special design accents, bright colors and its homage to the original Air Jordan’s.