Air Jordan 32 Low ‘Like Mike’ Release Date, December 16, 2017

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These Air Jordan XXXII Low Like Mike shoes were inspired by the original Like Mike shoes from 1991. They were designed to have a similar look. There are also some influences from the Air Jordan shoes that can be found in this basketball shoe.

The Low Like Mike shoes is made of a Flyknit material so that they are lightweight and will not hold a person down. They have the Jordan symbol so a person knows they are getting the real deal. This shoe is very detailed. Every inch of it was designed to be stylish while allowing a person to improve their performance with this luxury basketball shoe.

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The Low Like Mike is designed for men and teens that are looking to improve their game but do not want to sacrifice comfort.

The XXXIII Low Like Mike uses the latest technology to allow them to be lightweight. The shoes are made of a Flyknit material that allows them to be luxurious on the feet.

The main color of the Low Like Mike shoe is white but there are details that give it some color. The tongue of these shoes has an orange and green graffiti style basketball on the outside and they are orange inside. The trim at the bottom of the shoe is black with a green symbol of Jordan jumping with the basketball. The back of the shoe has an orange and black almost shredded look. It really makes these shoes stand out. There is a green symbol of Jordan on the top of the laces as well. This shoe takes the classic old look and gives it a modern touch.

These shoes are priced at $160. For the luxury quality and the attention to detail that went into the manufacturing, many feel that they are well worth the price.


  •  Classic look with a modern feel


Additional Performance on the Court


  •  Copies style of previous shoes
  •  Design mostly on sole of the shoe

Overall I would say that the new Air Jordan XXXII Low Like Mike is cool looking shoes. They look very comfortable and have a nice design.

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