12 Best Shoes for Diabetics Review

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which your body’s ability to create or act in response to the hormone insulin is interfered with. This results in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates as well as increased glucose levels in the blood.

Diabetic persons either exhibit or are predisposed to several health conditions such as neuropathy (the loss of the ability of the nerves to sense pain or feelings), poor blood circulation in the body, and feet ulcers. Those with diabetes also tend to be vulnerable to bruises, pain, discomforts and squeezes in their feet.

Wearing a regular retail shoe when you are a diabetic is hence not advisable. To the contrary, you require specially designed shoes that have accommodative fit, free from shearing, and do not exert any irritations at all.

In the following segment, we will identify and briefly review 12 such shoes to give you a rough clue on how to get the best one.





In case you are a male working class diabetic, you definitely require nice looking official shoes. This is the purpose for which this particular pair has been made. It is closed, black, official, and specifically intended for persons with the medical condition.

Key Benefits

Orthotic Support

It offers excellent support to the limbs and spine. This is due to its possession of the contoured orthotic insole, anatomical arch support, and gel-padded heel-seat. Due to its possession of these features, be sure to accrue unparalleled comfort and less pain.

Unhindered Gait

Your walking as do the movements you make on your path are not hindered at all by these shoes. This is for the reason that the shoes are extremely light in weight. They do not induce unnecessary drag on your feet at all as a result of this!

Non-binding Upper

The shoes’ upper are non-binding and deeper than most ordinary shoes. This design relieves the feet’s bunions and hammer toes of unnecessary pressure. Moreover, the upper’s interiors are lined with soft foam padding. The padding also goes a long way in offering comfort and added protection.

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Orthofeet does care for women with diabetes too! That’s why it also manufactures such shoes specifically for women in mind. This particular model is aimed at solving several problems that women may naturally confront e.g. excessive pressure, too much pain, and bunions.

Key Benefits

Durable Leather Construction

Perhaps its key benefit is the durable leather construction. This material as we all know is tough and long-lasting. The choice of this material is a guarantee that you will derive the attendant benefits for as long as possible. It is also a surety that you will spend less to care and maintain the shoes while utilizing them.

Designed for Feet Pain

Diabetics are more susceptible to pain than those with normal health. It, therefore, goes without saying that their shoes should correspondingly be effective at mitigating pain. This particular shoe is made with the need to keep pain at bay in mind. It is indeed effective in combating pain in the heels, arches, knees, and metatarsals.

Offers Adequate Protection

On the whole, the shoes offer adequate protection to the feet. This is mainly because it is closed and properly ventilated. As such, it keeps the entire feet shielded from the external elements. It also allows free exchange of air into and out of the feet.

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#3: Dr. Comfort Wing Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Shoe

Those with bigger feet may want a deeper shoe to accommodate the entire feet. These shoes are deeper and are hence capable of accommodating bigger feet. They are also intended for office wear over and above is effective at mitigating the side effects of diabetes.

Key Benefits

Therapeutic Makeup

The overall design and makeup of the shoes are centered on the need to exude therapeutic traits. The shoes are indeed well able to heal diabetic feet. This is because they are ventilated, soft, agile, and light enough to ward off any further injuries on the feet.

Classic Craftsmanship

A great deal of craftsmanship has been invested by the manufacturer to make the shoes. The choice of material, stitching pattern, perforations, and padding are all done great. Because of this, the shoes are able to keep your feet safe and secure enough against further diabetes-related injuries.

Comfortable Interiors

Its interiors are padded by use of soft foam lining. The lining is absorbent; which means it absorbs sweat pretty effectively. They are also breathable and hence prevent the formation of athlete’s feet and other feet conditions. The shoes thus let you walk, run, jump, and dance without any dangers of inflicting further injuries to yourself.

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For everyday walking, a diabetic requires a perfect casual pair of shoes. A shoe for such occasion ought to be quite resilient to the common elements of deterioration. No other diabetic shoes come even close to this one as you shall see in the mini-review below.

Key Benefits

Ability to Accommodate Internal Braces

The shoes are wide enough to accommodate internal braces and ankle-foot orthosis. For this reason, it is well able to care for and mitigate diabetes, hammertoes, and severe edema among other common feet problems. Look up to these shoes in case your diabetes is at a critical stage.

Very Light and Washable

In all, the shoes are very light in weight. In light of this, they do not at all exert any additional drag or weight. They hence do not hinder your steps or running at all. To add to this, they are also very easy to wash. This means that you also will not invest too much time and effort to keep them clean.

Stretchable Fabric

At their uppers is the stretchable Lycra fabric cover. The fabric is accompanied by a padded lining beneath them and is also seamless. The shoes are thus capable of expanding and contracting accordingly in response to the variations in the size of your feet.

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  • #5: Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford


Being diabetic does not mean embracing and inactive lifestyle. It is indeed still possible to be diabetic and be physically active. For this to happen though, a nice, comfortable and well-fitting shoe is a must. This is obviously due to the sensitive nature of the feet of diabetic persons. This indeed is one such kind of a shoe.

Key Benefits

Double Insoles

It has two insoles rather than one as is the case with most shoes of its kind. Because of this, it offers added comfort and protection to the feet. The insoles also allow you to maintain an active lifestyle without any likelihood of disparaging your feet.

Medicaid Approved

As a sign of their reliability and suitability for your diabetic feet, the shoes are approved by Medicaid. They entitle you, their owner, for any reimbursements in case of any problems. This should give you more reasons to smile as it assures you of your well-being all the time.

Rubber Sole

Beneath the shoes are the rubber soles. This material is ordinarily tough yet soft and comfortable. Moreover, it is also agile enough to let you lift your legs off the ground hassle-free. You can thus count on the shoes to confer to you the benefit of unhindered movements.

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Sometimes financial constraints may be an issue. This notwithstanding, a diabetic person still has to acquire the right shoe. This is because any compromise with this requirement may often lead to far-reaching repercussions. This shoe is intended for persons like you who do not have as much to spend.

Key Benefits

Comfortably Wide

In all, the shoes are comfortably wide indeed. This arises from the extended size design. This added width allows your feet to contract and expand at will. This way, you may hike in extremely hot areas or perform intense maneuvers with great confidence.

Adjustable Upper

Its upper is made of leather upper. It also has twin-adjustable Velcro straps which are used to fasten the upper to your feet. The straps are safer and gentler than the laces. They are thus less likely to inflict hurt, pain or injuries to your delicate diabetic feet.

Padded Insoles

To further bolster the comfort of your feet, the shoes come along with padded insoles. This padding is made of the soft foam material. It acts as a shock absorber and also takes in sweat. It is also long enough to stretch from your toes to your heels.

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Are you a diabetic woman? Have you been on the lookout for a suitable walking shoe? Is so, you may need to consider this one. It is a lace-up monochromatic walking shoe that possesses some elegant features that are designed to expedite your walks.

Key Benefits

Slip Resistance

For a start, the shoes are resistant to slips and oils. This is because they possess grooved outsoles that confer powerful traction and grip on the ground. Because of this, the shoes allow you to jog, walk, run, and exercise without the danger or fear of falling.

Generates Added Momentum

Apart from shielding you from slipping, the shoes also generate additional momentum. Their beveled heels are the ones that are responsible for the accomplishment of this feat. By choosing to wear the shoes, you will only apply limited force and have it amplified.

Reinforced Protection

To sum up the list of its top features, the shoes also have protective toe bumper as well as the padded collar. These two features contribute to the overall protective ability of the shoes. This is because they provide a further cushion against any harsh external impacts.

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If you are a diabetic who works in a busy environment or are constantly on the move, you require tough and comfortable shoes such as this. It is dual purpose in the sense that it can serve both as official attire and an informal one. This gives you plenty of freedom and convenience.

Key Benefits

Wide and Roomy Interior

The shoes feature wide and roomy interior. This makes it quite suited for walking and active lifestyle. This is because feet expand and contract regularly in response to variations in external temperature. Your feet won’t incur any bruises or blisters at all due to the existence of this extra space.

Removable Insole

Unlike the insoles of most other shoes, the ones for this shoe are removable. This is good news because insoles do accumulate plenty of dirt and sweat. They are also smelly. By being removable, they enable you to clean them easily or even replace them when they are beyond repair.

Built for Action

As has already been stated, the shoes are built for action. This is brought about by a combination of factors. They are tough, agile, durable, made of faux-leather, and wide enough for added support.

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To walk faster and conveniently you definitely want a light and compact shoe. This is especially so if you are a diabetic. The extra weight that the ordinary shoe exerts on your feet can potentially harm your sensitive feet. This shoe is indeed suited to allow you to lift it without much hindrance.

Key Benefits

Weightless Outsole

The shoes are weightless in that they weigh way too little. This stems from the existence of the zero-g shock-absorbing outsole which is extremely light in weight. It is this feature that lets you lift your feet off the ground and walk seamlessly.

Removable and Contoured EVA Footbed

At the base of the feet is this removable and contoured EVA footbed. It has a small open cell mesh cover too. This item improves the grip of your feet onto the shoe bed. Being consisting of mesh, it allows the free flow of air into and out of the feet. Your feet are thus kept as fresh as possibly can be.

Ultra-secure Upper

Its upper comprises a padded collar as well as a hook-and-loop strap closure. These two are used to further fasten the tongue of the shoe tightly to your feet. By this, it makes it possible for your feet to be tightly secure.

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Female diabetics are not left out by Hush Puppies at all. They too are taken care of by reason of the women diabetic shoes being made by the company. This is one kind of such shoes. As you shall clearly see in the discussions that follow, it is properly equipped for the job.

Key Benefits

HPO2® Flex Technology

This is by far the most outstanding of its top-notch features. This technology basically cushions your feet by enclosing it with a bed of air. This minimizes any frictions with the shoe fabric. This is the shoe to settle for in case you have open wounds or sensitive to bruises.

Antibacterial Sock Linings

Throughout its interior are the antibacterial sock linings. These linings are absorbent and quite breathable. They thus enable your feet to absorb as much sweat as possible and ward off as much stench as possible. This way, your shoes are absolved from the possibilities of developing foul stench.

Double-stitched Apron Toe

To further cushion your feet from dangers, the shoes have double-stitched apron toe and also accommodates elastic insets at entry. In case you have injuries on your toes or have sensitive toes, this should be the shoes for your consideration.

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Walking as a diabetic should not be so much of a stressful activity. This is thanks to this shoe that is manufactured by New Balance. It does embody several outstanding features that make it suited for enabling you to walk leisurely.

Key Benefits

Rubber Construction

Throughout its sole and body, the shoe the manufacturer uses rubber extensively. This material enhances the cushioning to the feet. Its compression resistance trait aids in the absorption of the forceful impacts. You can be sure to accrue as much comfort as you possibly can by wearing these shoes.

Impact-absorbing ABZORB Midsole Cushioning

It does possess the ABZORB midsole cushioning. This material acts as a buffer and shock absorber as well. It absorbs high impacts, additional shocks, and vibrations. In so doing, it guarantees you a smooth, hassle-free, and exciting walking experience.

Wider Forefoot and Narrower Heel

As opposed to the common shoes in vogue, this pair has a wider forefoot and narrower heel. This is not by accident. That’s because feet expand wider at the forefoot than at the heels. These shoes thus allow your feet to expand unhindered in times of heat or intense physical exercises.

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Being a diabetic woman does not mean that you too cannot exude class and elegance. New Balance has designed this shoe with the singular motive of dispelling this myth by introducing this shoe. Indeed this shoe is stylish, elegant, and expensive yet it is quite conducive for diabetic women.

Key Benefits

Motion-control Walking Shoe

These shoes are by and largely capable of controlling your motions while walking. It does so by basically influencing the stability of your feet and how far apart they might sway. The shoes thus have that ability to keep you from slipping or falling off.

Perforated-leather Overlays

On top of the upper part of the shoes are the perforated leather overlays. The perforations that exist on the leather are purposely to let in fresh air and out stale air. They also regulate the interior temperature of the shoes to keep it to an optimal level.

Padded Tongue and Collar

To secure your feet from harsh external environmental temperatures and conditions, the shoes come along with the padded tongue and collar. Apart from offering protection, these two parts also offer additional comfort to your feet.

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Of course, the diabetic’s shoes we have reviewed above are not all that are available on the market. The field of the diabetic’s shoes is indeed awash with innumerable players. Each year, more and better models do get produced and churned out into the market. You are thus strongly advised to conduct some independent investigation of the latest such shoes before making a purchase.

All factors considered, recommend that you give the following diabetic shoes topmost priority in your search for the most suitable one: Orthofeet Gramercy Comfort Wide Diabetic Plantar Shoes, Dr. Comfort Marla Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Shoe, and Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On Shoe.

These three shoes are by far the most suited for the job. They are deep, durable, firm, strong, and reliable. They also return comparatively higher value for money not to mention their ability to discharge their roles pretty effectively.

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