Nike FlyKNIT Racer Macaroon Pack Release Date Confirmed

Nike FlyKNIT Racer Macaroon Pack Release Date Confirmed

Nіkе Sроrtѕwеаr is ѕеt to dеbut their lаtеѕt Nike FlyKNIT Racer Macaroon Pack in fоur раѕtеl colors fоr thе warmer months аhеаd. Dressed іn уоur сhоісе оf Pіѕtасhіо, Bluеbеrrу, Lavender, аnd Strаwbеrrу соlоr ѕсhеmеѕ. Each Nіkе Flуknіt Rасеr fеаturеѕ Nіkе’ѕ Flyknit (mасаrооn расk) соnѕtruсtіоn with Flywire саblеѕ fоr mаxіmum ѕuрроrt, a sock-like соllаr аtор a Whіtе midsole. A bоld соlоrеd Nіkе Swооѕh also арреаrѕ on the sides оf each соlоrwау. Nіkе іѕ knоwn worldwide for іtѕ runnіng trаіnеrѕ, but also offers [...]

New LeBron 14 Shoes

LeBron 14 Shoes Release Date – 2017 Latest Addition to Nike Lebron Collection

When Lebron James was freshly out of school and Nike took a $90 million chance on him, nobody knew that it would become the most lucrative endorsement deal in the sports industry. For over a decade, this collection has come up with the best line basketball sneakers. The collection is continuously growing with its latest LeBron 14 shoes provided with innovative technology and added comfort. The LeBron collection usually has chromatic sneakers in vivid colors, which are obviously noticeable [...]

 Nike Golf Offers Air Zoom TW71 PE for the Biggest Tournament of the Year

Among multiple new Nike shoes 2017, the most prominent one is the Air Zoom TW71 PE that is specially designed for Jason Day’s final round in Augusta. Jason is among main 12 Nike athletes, who are going to wear new scripting apparel and footwear for the first major. The appearance of Jason Day is going to be all-black, that’s why these shoes also have black upper to match. Due to the fact that these shoes are particularly made for [...]

5 Most Expensive Pair of Jordans, Michael Jordan Autographed Jordan Shoes $10,000

Michael Jordan Autographed Jordan 11 Shoe: $10,000 Basketball shoes signed by Michael Jordan, the best-known and most-lauded figure in the sport, aren’t impossible to find — after all, Sole Collector notes there are usually several pairs on offer online, albeit at astronomical prices. As the superstar athlete “signs exclusively through Upper Deck” or at specific, approved events, a pair of Michael Jordan-autographed Jordan 11 shoes can fairly easily acquired through Upper Deck, provided you have the necessary funds. At over $7,000 [...]

nike air max tavas red

Nike Air Max Tavas Review

Buy It NowPros: The positive Amazon reviews say that; Like taking a vacation from running footwear These Nike’s are very comfortable Good for walking around Is available in a multitude of colors, including red Cons: The Nike Max Tavas has been reviewed negatively by Amazon to be a shoe that is Sized way too small and narrow They appear to be made of cheap materials, therefore are not worth the price Our Verdict: The bottom line is that any review of a product is subjective. Sure there are [...]