Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Review

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe; Are These the Best Nike Cross Training Shoes for Men?

Training and running are a way of life for keeping fit and healthy. However, finding the best cross training shoe can be a hectic process. You need to make sure it fits well, need to ensure it’s comfortable, stable, able to accommodate your foot size and performs well when being used.


The Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe is a perfect training shoe that does everything right. The shoe is lightweight, comfortable and provides all the support that an individual needs whether they are running, cross training or wearing the sneaker casually. Here are some of the some of its features that will thrill you.

Comfort and cushioning

The extreme comfortability offered by the shoe is second to none. Its entire system is designed to provide optimum comfort and cushioning. It is as a result of this most people wear them casually when they walk. The support is there, and they can go the whole day without complaining about pain. It is rated as the best men cross training shoes for 2017 due to this stunning feature.


Another excellent feature of the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Training Shoe is its availability in many sizes. There are various sizes readily available for people with wide feet. IIt has been a typical norm for sneakers designs to be narrow or regular sized feet. Good news for people with big and wide feet, the shoe is available in Wide 4E sizes, and these cross-training shoes will be able to fit comfortably, and individuals can easily do the various kind activities without any problems.

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Colorways

The shoe comes in a variety of colors such as white, metallic Silver and midnight navy.

Perfect grip and durability

It has a rubber outsole for grip and durability. It has a sole air unit cushioning with high-quality leather on the upper areas.


Moreover, you don’t have to wear these shoes only for sporting activities. If your job requires you to be on your feet for the most of the day, then these shoes are undoubtedly designed for you. You can even wear them for leisure and recreational activities like trekking, hiking, or for running errands! You can also wear it on a casual date to the cinema. They furnish you entirely with a cool look. The convenience levels incurred will make you want to put them on always, except when you are sleeping.

Pros and cons of the Nike Men’s Air Monarch training shoes


  • Comfortable: the shoe fits comfortably for various activities.
  • Perfect fit: it fits all kinds of feet’s
  • Multipurpose: The shoes can be worn for any activities, and there are cross training shoes for both men and women
  • Lightweight: This shoe offers a breathable mesh upper fly wire for the best in lightweight support.


Squeak: If you are not used to Nike shoes, it may be squeaky at the earlier stage of use. However, once you get used to it, you won.t notice the sound.

In conclusion, the Nike Men’s Air Monarch training Shoe is an excellent shoe. It is lightweight sneakers that are comfortable and classy. If you’re looking for the best cross training shoes 2017 that does just about everything, you just got one. Take it from us; you will not be disappointed with an order for this shoe in any way. They are available at affordable prices.

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