Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 Men’s Running Shoe Review

The Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 Men’s Running Shoe is a minimalist shoe that fits the natural contours of your feet. These are meant for short runs, but serve the purpose of conditioning your feet for longer runs and races. To super flexible and thin sole leaves you feeling like you’re running in a natural barefoot state. The shoe itself is lace-free and fits snugly to your foot with two, easy to use straps. The design and knit enable air to flow easily around your feet for maximum breathability. With these, your feet will stay cool and comfortable. And not only do these shoes feel great on your foot, but they look sleek and stylish as well. When you’re through with your workout you can continue to wear them with your casual daywear.

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So why wear a minimalist shoe? Nike learned that top performing athletes at Stanford had been training barefoot and breaking records injury free. So, Nike set out to create a shoe that emulated the feel of running barefoot. After spending years studying the natural movements of the human foot the innovative Nike team developed “Free” line. These shoes fit to ensure that your foot lands at a natural angle after each stride, that your toes are not put under extra pressure, and that overall your foot is able to move naturally.

This one of a kind design is cut with precision to maximize the performance of your run. The minimalist design, Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 Men’s Running also reduces waste by up to 60% over traditional shoes which are cut, sewn, and use dramatically more materials that are not biodegradable. In the end, this design reduces the amount of waste that reaches landfills by more the millions of pounds.


Lightweight minimalist shoe designed for long runs


Designed to fit snugly to your foot, so that you feel as if you are running barefoot.


Features a double layer of foam that is soft where your foot lands and is firm around the perimeter to provide support.


Appropriate for running on smooth even surfaces.


Features a mid-height cuff to support your ankles


Foam and rubber sole, mesh body

Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 Men’s Running Shoe Colors Available:

Ocean Fog, Blue Tint, Chlorine Blue


These shoes run between $100 and $140. They are a great training shoe and provide unbeatable comfort. Because they are stylish as well as comfortable they can be worn with everyday wear as well. Because they are so versatile they are worth the money if you wear them often.

  • These are an extremely comfortable shoe and fit snuggly around the foot
  • Great mix between a lightweight shoe and a shoe that provides comfortable cushioning while running
  • These shoes look sleek and can be slipped on and off with ease
  • They provide supreme airflow to keep your feet feeling cool throughout your workout
  • These shoes do not tend to provide foot support during high-intensity workouts
  • Some consumers report that these shoes rubbed blisters

Overall, the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit 2017 Men’s Running shoe is a great shoe for short runs. They are comfortable, lightweight, and well worth the money.

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