Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Men’s Running Shoe Review

If you own a pair of the old version of Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Men’s Running Shoe, you may as well consider buying this new and upgraded 2017 version. The shoe has been added great and convenient features that make your running activities comfortable and secure. The sole of the shoe consists of lightweight and straightforward rubber material that makes it possible to run for long races. Note that the shoe is versatile and can be worn for other activities apart from running due to its attractive colors.

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Unique features of the Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Men’s Running Shoe.


Whether you are running long or short races, this is the correct shoe to use since it makes your movements to be possible and easy. The material is light in weight which is essential, so your feet don’t get tired quickly. The sole is made of a flexible rubber material that ensures there is no resistance when you fold your feet thus making your activities to be efficient and smooth.

Fit and comfort.

The shoe is designed using knit-like material that is also waterproof hence ensuring your feet are free from getting all sweaty. The tongue of the shoe lies comfortably on your foot to offer close and secure fitting when running. The shoes are designed with laces so don’t worry about it coming off while running since you can have a tight fastening.


The sole of the shoe is manufactured with a rubber material that provides durability and comfort to the feet. The back of the sole has a round form that protects the heel from getting hurt as you land your feet on the ground.


The ability of the shoe’s sole to bend and mimic the movement of your feet acts a safe and protective action against developing feet and ankle injuries since there is no resistance felt in your feet movements.


The tongue of the Nike RN 2017 shield id shoe lies comfortably on the top part of the foot to offer support when fastening the laces. The heel of the shoe is made with a rounded rubber sole to ensure that it is fully supported and secure when your feet land on the ground.


The sole is made of rubber material that is flexible and foldable for smooth running. The top part of the shoes has breathable and knit like material that ensures your feet are getting ample supply of air to prevent them from sweating which leads to the development of blisters. The inner sole has soft and foam rubber material that protects your feet.

Price versus quality.

If you are looking for a running shoe that will give you value for your money, then I would recommend this great shoe.


  • The shoes are light in weight.
  • They are comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • The shoes allow your feet to breath with the breathable upper material.
  • It is a versatile shoe hence can be worn for other activities.


  • The shoe is a bit expensive.
  • The shoes have a narrow design thus one is expected to buy a bigger size.


Nike has never disappointed when it comes to making running shoes, and this excellent Nike Free RN 2017 Shield iD Men’s Running Shoe is one of them. The design is comfortable and flexible making it a must-have shoe for everyone who is active or looking for a suitable shoe to wear during the weekends.

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