Nike Free RN 2017 LE Men’s Running Shoe Review

It is advisable that you wear comfortable and well-designed shoes when running to prevent various injuries like the Achilles tendonitis. Well, you can quickly get all these great features in one shoe, and that is the new Nike Free RN 2017 Le men’s Running Shoe. This running shoe is designed with high-quality material that guarantees durability and comfort as well. Also, it is light in weight which makes it easy for you to run long races without getting tired. Feet blisters and sores are problems faced by many athletes due to the kind of the shoes that they wear but if you want to keep your feet free from all that, invest in this great shoe. This is because the material allows your feet to freely breath hence preventing them from getting sores and blisters.

Unique features of Nike Free RN 2017 Le men’s Running Shoe.



Nike free RN shoes allow you to cover a long race without getting tired. First, the shoes have a rubber sole which makes the entire shoe to be less in weight, and it also has a zoom air which is situated in the forefoot. This design is essential for providing comfort to your feet by providing a less pressurized air pockets. Another great feature that improves the performance of the shoe is the foam feature found in the midsole that enables the shoe to bend as your feet moves hence making your racing moments easy.

Fit and comfort.

Comfort is a crucial factor to keep in mind when buying your running or workout shoes, and this shoe has this quality. Comfort can be found in the material used to make the shoes since it has a mesh-like material on the upper part of the foot to allow free flow of air and prevent sweat from accumulating in your feet. Shoes are designed with laces that will enable you to tighten to acquire a secure and proper fitting.


When it comes to working out or running, you require wearing shoes that can move at the same pace as your feet. For example, the shoe should bend when your feet bend to provide a stable resilient. Well, Nike RN shoe provides this via the equipped midsole created with foam to give the resilient. The midsole part has the phylon wedge-like foam that provides enough cushioning when the feet bends.

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The rubber sole and the laces cause a traction hence preventing the shoe from coming off while you are doing your activities.


The shoe shaft measures about 2.6 inches from the arch which provides excellent support to your feet hence preventing you from getting injuries.


The shoe is made with a rubber sole for providing comfort and resilient when moving while the upper part of the shoe has a mesh-like material for breathability purposes.

Price versus quality.

This shoe is made of the best and most quality material that guarantees you durability and comfort. In other words, it is worth each penny you spend in buying it.


  • The shoes are versatile you can wear them even if you are not running.
  • They are light in weight which makes them quite comfortable.
  • They are flexible which makes it easy for one to run long races.
  • The shoes look beautiful and fit well too.


  • To get a proper fitting, one must buy a half size bigger than the usual shoe size. 
  • The shoe’s maximum size is 10 D so people with bigger feet than this will not fit well.



Nike Free RN 2017 Le men’s Running Shoe is a great choice of shoes for people looking for excellent and comfortable shoes for running. Also, the shoes are versatile hence can be worn even when you are going out with your friends so grab a pair.

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